Quinn La Rock

Operations Manager








Management of the organization, tours of the facility, donor relations, ice arena rentals, special bookings and requests, and fundraising events. Facilities rental agreements and facility grant writing.aising events. Facilities rental agreements and facility grant writing.

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Kayli Holbrook

Childcare Director

Director of the Cortland Homer Afterschool Mentorship Program (CHAMP), Summer Camp at the Mac, childcare registration and billing, and other Childcare programs and events.

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Katrina Anderson

Communications Director

Designing print advertising, promotions, social media admin, bookkeeping and accounts payable, birthday party bookings, customer 

correspondence, customer service, website design and maintenance.

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Josh Card

Program Director

Event planning, program design and management, liaison to all coaches and sporting directors, sport leagues, league scheduling and planning, In-house programs accounts receivable

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Board of Directors


From the beginning, the Cortland Sports Complex has been a non-for-profit, volunteer organization.

The planning, research, legwork, and inspiration have all been carried out by volunteers with a dream.

Their dream was a “multi-purpose sports facility” for the young people of the Cortland area.  

Their reality is a larger-than-life complex that has changed life in Cortland in many ways.

These volunteer leaders represent the many volunteers who are contributing their time and talent to this project.  

Our sincere thanks to each and every one of you, we would not be here today without you.


Phil Shager


Michael Swartwout

Vice President

Clint Brooks


Stephen Compagni


Shawn Sweeny

Ex Officio:

KellyAnn O' Mara

Todd Stone

Don Battin

Larry Hirschfield

Pat Quinn

Victor Siegle